Scribe Services Registrars Limited Embraces United Nations Global Compact Membership For Corporate Sustainability

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) stands as the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, fostering collaboration with companies to align strategies with universal principles encompassing human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. The UNGC emphasizes that responsible businesses uphold these values consistently, recognizing that excellence in one area cannot offset harm in another. Incorporating the 10 principles of the UNGC into strategies, policies, and procedures establishes a culture of integrity, ensuring companies fulfill their basic responsibilities to people and the planet, while also positioning themselves for long-term success.

In recent news, the United Nations Global Compact Network Kenya welcomed Scribe Services Registrars Limited as a new member, solidifying its commitment to advancing sustainability through the UNGC principles. The Certificate Handover Ceremony on November 3, 2023, marked this significant step. Mr. Bernard Kiragu, Managing Partner at Scribe Services, reiterated the company’s dedication to corporate sustainability, emphasizing efforts to enhance corporate governance as the bedrock for responsible business conduct.

During the Handover Ceremony, Ms. Judy Jino, Executive Director of UNGC, highlighted the importance of collaboration to intensify corporate sustainability practices in the Kenyan Private Sector. She urged companies to engage in diverse programmatic contributions to elevate sustainability progress.

The UNGC, a global initiative aligning corporate entities with universal best practices, seeks to address human rights, environmental protection, social welfare, and anti-corruption under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It promotes thoughtful consideration of environmental and social aspects, good governance, sustainability in financing, and integration of SDGs across various domains. This initiative serves as a crucial tool in managing potential crises and shaping a livable world for the future.

Scribe Services Secretaries acknowledges the traditional role of upholding good corporate governance standards. However, recognizing the broader need for sustained industries and economies, the company embraces a higher calling towards accountability and sustainability. Aligning with UNGC principles, Scribe Services Registrar Limited commits to the same standards it advocates for, ensuring a conscious effort towards a sustainable and accountable future.