Share Registration Services

We offer the following services with regard to share registration:

A. Shareholder Services

Maintaining and updating the electronic register of shareholders, Management of transfers, facilitating correspondence with shareholders and responding to their queries.

B. Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Assisting in distribution of annual reports, notice of general meetings and any other correspondence to shareholders; providing the Company Secretary with the list of shareholders for the purpose of filing Annual Returns with the Registrar of Companies;

Liaison with the management and Auditors in relation to transfer of shares and dividend payment.

C. Unclaimed Financial Assets

Preparing annual reports on assets deemed abandoned in line with the provisions of Unclaimed Financial Assets Act; Ensuring Compliance with the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act; Liaising with Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority on Compliance and resolving any issues.

D. General Meetings (AGM/EGM) Management Services

Analyzing proxies, recording attendance and assisting in conducting polls at General Meetings (GMs); Attending General Meetings and answering shareholders queries relating to share registration services.

E. Other Services:

• Dividend Services
• Bonus Shares
• Immobilization of shares