Immigration Services

At Scribe Services, we provide immigration assistance to our clients with expatriate staff and their dependents.

The range of business services we offer include :

  • Immigration Support and Advisory services;
  • Work permit application and renewal;
  • Special pass application;
  • Foreigner Certificate Registration;
  • Dependent Pass application;
  • Visa application; and
  • Any other immigration services as may be requested.

We boast of an extensive network of associates who support our business in East Africa forming a far-reaching network to ensure that we meet our clients’ immigration support assignments in the East African Region.

The scope of our immigration services is as follow.

A. Work Permit/Foreigners Certificate/ Entry Pass

We assist expatriates seeking employment in Kenya to obtain an entry/work permit as required by law.

B. Special Pass

An expatriate whose presence is required in Kenya for short durations (not exceeding 3 months) may obtain a special pass which authorizes the expatriate to temporarily engage in business trade or profession. It also provides a reasonable opportunity to apply for and obtain an entry permit or to complete immigration formalities.

C. Dependent pass

An expatriate who has a valid work permit is required to apply for the Dependent Pass for his or her dependents residing in Kenya.

Our attendance to obtaining a dependent pass shall encompass the following:

  • Completion of the application forms;
  • Collating and submitting all documents to the immigration offices for processing;
  • Following up to ensure timely processing of the application;
  • Timely delivery of the permit and passes upon issuance; and
  • Lodging applications for foreigners’ certificates and the Re-entry passes.
Company Secretarial

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Non-compliance attracts a fine of KShs 500,000 (approx. USD 4,800) payable by the Company and each officer of the Company, who is in default.

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