Board Evaluation

Good corporate governance makes for a great foundation for sustainable and inclusive business development. It aids in building an environment of trust, transparency, accountability and business integrity.

Annual board evaluations have become part of the accepted governance landscape and, if conducted properly, can be a valuable tool to increase board effectiveness.

…They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with

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Indeerjet Singh,
The Code requires companies to undertake an annual board evaluation and discuss the evaluation results and implement any recommendations. We undertake Board Evaluations using a toolkit developed and pre-approved by the Board of Directors of client companies. The evaluation is conducted on a secure online platform.
Our comprehensive reporting (both findings and recommendations) helps improve Board effectiveness and ensures that Directors execute their mandate within an environment of prudent risk management and in compliance with sound governance practices.

We have the pleasure of unveiling the First-ever Kenyan Virtual Board Evaluation Platform.

Benefits of Virtual Board Evaluation:


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