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As a firm, Scribe Services has made a commitment to enhance and encourage best practice in corporate governance within our communities. Due to the diverse nature of our client portfolio, we have unparalleled experience in the provision of corporate governance services.

They have always met our expectations.

David C. Lanius CFO,
Lutheran Hour Ministries

Our Corporate Governance service offerings are:

A. Board Training Services
We offer training services through which participants learn about the salient features of the Companies Act in a condensed and practical manner, including but not limited to:

  • An overview of the Companies Act 2015;
  • Highlights of the Responsibilities of Directors;
  • New Compliance Requirements; and
  • Financial Reporting & Auditing requirements under the Companies Act 2015

These trainings are skillfully curated to cover board effectiveness, shareholders rights, ethical corporate social responsibility, risk management, internal control and disclosure. These are aimed at enabling the Directors adapt to the changing business environment and enhance governance practices within the Board itself and in the interest of the Company.

B. Governance Audit Services
Scribe Services offers Governance Audits services aimed at assisting Companies to internally examine the existence and effectiveness of governance instruments, policies, structures, systems and practices within the legal and regulatory framework and in accordance with the best governance practices.

We have invested in a robust Audit Toolkit developed in line with the Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS) and which also covers all the parameters prescribed by the Capital Markets Authority.

C. Board Evaluations
Annual board evaluations have become a part of the accepted governance landscape and, if conducted properly, can be a valuable tool to increase board effectiveness.

In line with the requirement under the Code of Corporate Governance Practices for Listed Companies 2015, we undertake Board Evaluations using a toolkit developed and pre-approved by the Board of directors of client Companies.

D. Corporate Governance Advisory
As regulators strengthen regulations and make them more prescriptive, there is need for companies to revisit their governance structures, disclosure practices and risk management practices in an effort to retain investor confidence and counter increasing shareholder activism.

We offer our clients a holistic approach to governance which goes beyond the board of directors and regulatory compliance, encompassing areas such as:

  • Advisory on the Board process and composition;
  • Review of Governance documents;
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference, Board Charters etc


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