Local Representative for Foreign Companies Registered in Kenya

We offer Local Representative services to Foreign Companies registered in Kenya.

Our scope of services include:

  • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, where practicable and informing the client incase there is a change in requirements;
  • Generally accepting business on behalf of the Company;
  • Liaising with the client for certification of the Audited Financial Reports and Statements and on receipt of the same, filing with theRegistrar of Companies;
  • The use of our office as the Registered office of the Company, if so required and affixing in a conspicuous manner the name, place of origin and liability of members of the Company on the outside of our office as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015;
  • Ensuring that the Registered Office is kept open on each business day as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015; and
  • Attending to any other duties as prescribed by the Companies Act, 2015 of the laws of Kenya.