Accountancy and Payroll Services

Our services within this spectrum include:

  • Maintaining clients’ funds, in escrow, or for settling client’s recurrent commitments, including invoices, salaries and other statutory financial obligations.
  • Book-keeping and accountancy services.
  • Invoicing and re-invoicing;
  • VAT compliance; and
  • Payroll administration for clients’ staff, including deductions for PAYE, NSSF, NHIF and any other statutory deductions as advised which we remit to the respective authorities.

    Filed your Company Beneficial Ownership info. yet?

     The Companies Registry introduced a mandatory requirement for all companies to keep and maintain a register of Beneficial Owners of the company effective 13th October 2020, as stipulated in Section 93 of the Companies Act 2015. Failure to comply with the disclosure and filing requirements of Beneficial Owners is an offence under the Companies Act.


    Deadline For Filing


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