Qualities Of An Effective Leader

We clearly understand that management is a subset of leadership, a leader can be a manager but a manager cannot necessarily be a leader, it takes a whole level of authenticity and self-awareness to be one.

Based on the differences between a leader and a manager, an effective leader should be more focused on doing the right thing whilst placing more emphasis on effectiveness. This may be attributed to being a Manager in transition into Leadership.

Inspiration and culture, the more you discover yourself as a leader, the more you derive rational attributes to help yourself become comparable to none. Just as everyone has a heart but not everyone is big hearted, the same applies to the decision making level, everyone can be a manager but not everyone can be a leader.

For you to have the qualities of an effective leader, you should consider the following:

  1. Be more focused on the long-term view of things while focusing on each of your team members and assigning them duties depending on the skills that they possess.
  2. Promote an environment of trust at the organization- While a majority of the managers would adopt a controlling attitude towards their followers, you should endeavor to enhance trust among the workforce as you strive to emphasize philosophy, core values, and shared goals.
  3. You should inspire people to adapt effectively to changing environments hence reducing the disruptions to the workflow that is brought about by a change of the internal or external forces. Operating outside of organizational rules is a method you should adopt since the use of unorthodox methods may in the end be more effective in accomplishing a task.
  4. You should focus on people by engaging person to person influence through enhanced Emotional Intelligence practices. People are emotional beings who need greater attention to their feelings.
  5. You should become more empathetic when dealing with employees at a person level because this will help you have a great interpersonal relationship and you will be able to understand their predicaments when need be.
  6. You should encourage more diversity in your team by engaging people from all backgrounds and also enhancing cross cultural communication, this reduces reputational risk and also ensures that you are contributing to the talent slate by inculcating diversity.
  7. You can learn personality disorder spectrums so that you can be able to deal with people in the fairest manner and without any kind of discrimination. Personality disorders do exist and we need to factor in this aspect before we can conclude things fast.
  8. You should be more approachable by establishing better grapevine communication among the people you lead so that they can be free to talk to you about what goes on in their minds and this way you can help them in girding themselves for unforeseen risks.
  9. You should enhance your delegation skills to ensure that there is part of authority and responsibility where people do the work assigned promptly and within the required timelines, they should also be accountable for their deeds and you should also delegate tasks to the right person and at the right time to avoid wasting time.