What Is Linking A Business To The BRS Platform?

Well, you’ve definitely come across the word numerous times and the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear of linking is attaching one thing to another, or rather, connecting two or more things together; that is its literal meaning.

In this case, linking refers to the data migration process where a Company's details/ particulars contained in the form of hard copy files are transferred to the Business Registration Services (BRS) platform which facilitates activities in the Company Registry.

Who needs to do linking?

Linking was introduced in 2017 following the launch of the BRS platform and operationalization of online filing at the Companies Registry. This means that any changes in the Company or applications are now filed through the BRS platform.

To make sense of all this, any Company or Business incorporated prior to 2017 needs to be linked to the BRS platform to enable the migration from physical records to the online registry.

Apart from Linking being a mandatory requirement, it also:

  • Allows the Company/ Business to align its details held in the manual files at the Companies Registry to the online BRS platform;
  • Enables the Company/ business to easily file and update any changes relating to the Company, Shareholders and Directors.
  • Enables the Companies Registry to keep an updated record of the Company and be able to provide an Official Search report reflecting the current status of the Company; and
  • Assists the Company to avoid penalties by being compliant with all the statutory requirements as per the Companies Act, 2015.

Is your Company linked? Well, if not worry nota, were here to assist you with that.

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In our next series about linking, we are going to talk more about the required documents for the linking process. Watch out to be informed.