Certificate in ISO 37000: 2021 - Governance of Organisations

Guidance Foundation Course (Hybrid – Digital & Facilitated Online Sessions)

This internationally accredited course provides an excellent foundational understanding of ISO 37000: 2021 and provides guidance for the governance of organizations of all sizes and types across jurisdictions.

Course Content

1. An introduction to ISO 37000, the definitions and the application of the standard

2. Defining governance and the governing body

3. Unpacking the governance principles including:
    a) An overview of the principles and outcomes
    b) The conditions for effective governance
    c) The primary governance principle of Purpose
    d) The foundational governance principles of:
        • Value generation
        • Strategy
        • Oversight
        • Accountability   
    e) The enabling governance principles of:
        • Stakeholder engagement
        • Leadership
        • Data and decisions
        • Risk governance
        • Social responsibility
        • Viability and performance over time

Course Structure

• Access to the full digital course (all modules) on the FluidRock web portal
• 4 Online facilitated sessions of 2 hours per session
• APMG exam

Blended Learning Component
Digital Learning

(Optional and not a prerequisite prior to in-person training)

Mode of delivery: Modules in digital format.
Duration: 12 month’s access to the course platform.

• The digital course comprises of recorded online videos, written text and take-away documents followed by an examination.
• Delegates will have 12 month’s access to the course platform and must complete it within this period.
• It is however recommended that the digital modules are completed prior to in-person training commencing.
• The study manual will be provided in soft copy in support of online training
• The digital modules are accessed through the FluidRock web portal.

Mode of delivery: Online
Duration: 4 Sessions of 2 hours per session

Session 1:
• Overview of ISO 37000
• “The ISO Tree”
• Primary principle and definitions
• Case study

Session 2:
• Foundational principles
• Case study

Session 3:
• Enabling principles
• Case study

Session 4:
• Governance outcomes
• Overview
• Exam preparation

Mode of delivery: Online
Duration: 1 Hour

The course is accredited by APMG International and endorsed by the Good Governance Academy.

APMG Examination
• Delegate to take the exam after the completion of the digital and online modules
• A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the examination.