Qualified Company Secretaries in Kenya

It’s finally happening! You are setting up a Company to fulfil your lifelong dream of being a boss. The big Kahuna! The guy or should I say that guy! You have it all laid out. The number of employees, the reporting time, the target clientele and of course your service fees, because nothing is free in this world.

Yet, you need someone to carry out the application process, follow up with the Registry and while at it make sure you are compliant with all regulations set out in the Companies Act, 2015 because compliance is key and also the big boss does not do that(No way)So whom do you need? A Company Secretary.

The job of a Company Secretary is to make the process seamless for you. However, how do you ensure that you’re dealing with the right person and not a con? How do you satisfy yourself that when you send a follow-up email or request you don’t get the dreaded response “the email recipient cannot be found”? The mere thought sends shivers down the spine. You need to ascertain that the individual you’re dealing with is qualified and approved as a Certified Company Secretary.

Requirements for becoming a Company Secretary in Kenya

  • Undertaking the Certified Secretaries course offered by KASNEB. These are split into three parts and a certificate is issued for each completed part.
  • Registering with the Registration of Certified Public Secretaries Board. This is the body tasked with registering and issuing practicing certificates to all individuals who wish to practice as Company Secretaries in Kenya. Registration is done once an individual completes all three parts of the KASNEB Certified Secretaries course.
  • Becoming a Member of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries in Kenya(ICS). Once registration is approved an individual is issued with a registration number and certificate.

To ensure that the individuals practising the profession are competent and knowledgeable, the Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS) requires an individual to work under a Company Secretary with a practising certificate for 2 years for them to obtain their practising certificate.

When reaching out to a Company Secretary as part of due diligence, it is important to request for a copy of their practicing certificate as this will help you know that the individual you are dealing with meets the requirements set out to practice in Kenya.