A step by step guide to the application and renewal of “Class D” work permits.

‘Class D’ work permits are a very important requirement for any foreigner to work in Kenya. Moreover, specialist Companies working in Kenya often seek out expatriates to fill specific positions in the country. Consequently, you need to get yourself a work permit from the department of immigration, for a foreign National to work in Kenya. The permits fall in ‘Class D’ as classified by the Department of Immigration.

For you to be issued with a work permit, your potential employer must demonstrate to the government that:

  1. Hiring a foreign national will be beneficial to the country
  2. The organization tried but failed to fill the position with a Kenyan citizen.

Step 1: Complete the ‘Class D’ work permit application

The following documents are required:

  1. Application form 3. The form can be obtained from the department’s e-platform (e-fns).
  2. Cover letter from the employer
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Academic and Professional certificates
  5. Copies of the individual’s passport
  6. A duly filled form 25, signed and sealed by the employer. The form can be obtained from the Department’s e-platform
  7. Application fees
  8. Individual and company tax compliance certificates for those seeking renewal of permits.

Step 2: Submission to the ministry of immigration

After putting together your application and all documents, make your submission to the immigration Ministry. Here your application is presented to a committee for approval. The response takes between 2 and 6 months.

If successful, the ministry issues you with a notification of approval. The approval is valid for 90 days pending payment of government fees. Once this is done, the entry permit is endorsed on the applicant’s passport.

Your application procedure can seem to be quite lengthy. Accordingly, making use of our professional team will ease the burden from you. Additionally, it will also ensure that you are kept updated on the progress as well as have your work permit ready in no time. Scribe Registrars has a professional team in place to help you get through the Class D work permit application Process: