First Corporate Governance Masterclass Training in 2021

The new benchmark for company secretaries, c-suite managers, directors and governance professionals is training and certification in corporate governance. Essentially, it demonstrates that you hold the knowledge, skills and experience to shoulder all the responsibilities that come with running a profitable organization. Globally, many studies have shown that well-governed companies perform better financially. Accordingly, good governance in the corporate environment starts with a well-functioning board of directors and leadership team. This is at the heart of a company’s  corporate governance framework and is vital for effective function of all other elements of corporate governance.

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What’s the need for governance training?

In the recent past, company directors have been held liable for success and failures in their organizations. It is vital for leaders in the corporate environment to be well versed on regulatory changes and key risks in running and organization efficiently. Generally, it is common in most codes of best practice that business leaders and board directors undergo regular periodic training to improve their leadership skills. Additionally, such training programmes reinforce the directors’ abilities to be change agents in their organizations. Among the factor that may hinder the efficient function of leadership in an organisation include:

  • When the roles and responsibilities of leadership(Board) are unclear and/or overlap with management functions
  • Failure of Directors to fully understand or embrace their duties as board members
  • Evident lack of diversity in relevant skills, experience, or objectivity in the board itself
  • Non-existence of a actual Proper board committee or demonstrable ineffectiveness of current board
  • Board procedures are poorly designed, inhibiting board efficiency and effectiveness

Why Scribe Services Registrar’s Corporate Governance Masterclass fits you

To address emergent governance challenges in the business environment, Scribe registrars has over the years developed a training regime for Directors and C-Suite Managers. This training brings on board leaders in corporate governance, experienced educators, and business leaders. Effectively, this mix of trainers conducts interactive training sessions that are designed to mimic the board room environment. This effectively enhances your competencies and leadership for business and profitability in the emerging markets and developing countries. The benefits of this program include:

  • taking concrete actions to improve the quality of interaction in an organization,
  • establishing a clear division of power and responsibility,
  • increasing the effectiveness of supervisory board activities,
  • understanding key challenges and dilemmas faced by boards of emerging market companies
  • preparing (new) directors for board service.

Ultimately, with extensive training across diverse niches in Kenya, Scribe Services Registrars strives to increase the pool of potential directors with sufficient skill to serve in company boards.

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