Company Secretarial

Registration of Companies

Scribe services has vast experience in setting up new companies, and other entities such as:

  • Foreign branches;
  • Business Names;
  • Trade Marks;
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s);
  • Societies;
  • Trusts; and
  • Joint-Ventures.

Scribe Services Secretaries then proceeds to act as Secretaries or Local Representatives to these entities to ensure proper compliance, in accordance with the law.

Statutory Compliance

A Company, and its directors, are obliged by law to maintain accurate and complete statutory records. Additionally, companies should ensure that all decisions of the directors and the company’s shareholders are correctly recorded. These responsibilities are generally delegated to the company secretary.

Even companies with a dedicated company secretarial resource may not have the time to review the integrity of their statutory records. Particularly, this is more prevalent where business objectives and operational issues take priority over this responsibility. However, failure to meet these requirements may result in reputational risk, financial penalties or other sanctions imposed on the company or its officers.

At Scribe Services Secretaries, we monitor and lay down procedures to ensure each client company’s compliance with relevant regulatory and legal requirements. This is achieved through the maintenance of statutory records and the filing of returns and notices with relevant authorities, as required.

Meeting Services

Convening, attendance and recording proceedings at meetings and preparation of minutes. In case of a poll, or election, acting as scrutineers of the process and validating results as an independent party.

Adhoc Services

These include the following:

  • Share capital variations – Including capital and structural reorganizations, stamp duty, planning, share transfers and allotments, etc.
  •  Legal due diligence reviews.
  • Company dissolutions/ de-registrations.
  • Share registration.
  • Provide a Registered office, if required.
  • Acting as Secretaries to project Committees, Trusts and provident Funds.
  • Preparation of Investor Guidance Reports and Other Corporate Reports.
  • Acquisitions, Disposals & Mergers.
  • Dividend administration services.
  • Legal health checks.
  • Investigative searches.
  • Nominee services.
  • Safe custody.